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Aperture 3 – Practically Free

Aperture 3 at the Mac App Store new in 10.6.6.

Apple launched the Mac App Store today, a way to purchase software and apps to run on your desktop or laptop. It will be interesting to see if this is the nail in the coffin of buying software in physical packages; the way MP3’s, iPods, and iTunes have killed CD’s.

It turns out the top grossing app for sale is Aperture 3, priced at an amazingly low $79.99, which is $119 less than it costs at the Apple Store, and about $100 less than its cheapest pricing online. Note, too, that the Buy Now button on the official Aperture page no longer links to the Apple Store, it links to the Mac App Store.

I love Aperture. I live and work in it almost every day. It is some of the best image software I have ever used. Not only is the output quality stunning, the all in one workflow is wonderful (ingest, edit, optimize, publish and/or export), and it keeps me very organized.