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A Chart, a Duo, and a Classic

The chart:

Should I work for free? The flow chart.
Should I work for free? The flow chart.

Via aPhotoEditor and the original site.

The duo:

Listening to The Black Keys – Brothers and trying to find a bad song. I can’t.

The classic:

I heard Pink Floyd’s – The Great Gig in the Sky on Radio Paradise the other day which I hadn’t heard in years. We probably have it somewhere, I know I had it on vinyl at one point.  I even met David Gilmour once when I first started out on my own in NYC. I was doing PR photography for *The Tunnel in NYC and Gilmour showed up. He was pretty insistent that I not take a photo of him. “I’m old and I’m fat,” he said and walked away.

So, now I’m listening to the remastered version of Dark Side of the Moon. It’s surprisingly tight. No wasted space and even though it’s 60’ish (early 70’s to be exact) it comes off as of a piece, far less self-indulgent than some of the preening on Led Zeppelin’s songs.

And that’s the world in classic rock…

*Previous Tunnel posts: Lost Boys and Miles Davis.


  1. I’m trying to think up a Carnac the Magnificent question for this trinity…

  2. Not for a chart, a duo, and a classic, but for the references(?)

    Envelope to forehead, the answers…

    Should I work for free? The flow chart.
    The Black Keys – Brothers
    Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon

    Tear the end of the envelope off, blow it open, pull out the question:

    What is a new guide to keep you in the black, a current pair to keep you in the blues, and a classic pink to keep you in the dark?

  3. Jim

    Pacific FM ( is another station we found that has as many surprises as Radio Paradise. By the way, did you know that Radio Paradise broadcasts from…. Paradise CA?

  4. Cool, I’ll check it out.

    I knew that about RP. Does that mean Pacific FM is in the ocean?…

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