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New Studio Part III

Last Thursday, just as that huge rain storm was bearing up the east coast, the SIP panels for the new studio arrived. SIPs are Structural Insulated Panels, a building process which uses rigid insulation sandwiched between sheets of structural board (most often oriented strand board.) No studs, joists, or rafters are needed, typical framing is done away with.

The key advantages to SIP construction are that it goes up incredibly fast, it forms a tighter building seal so energy savings can be 50% or more, it is stronger than frame construction, and it is incredibly efficient. The SIPs are pre-engineered to the architect’s specifications and delivered ready to install. So, there is little to no waste on the job site.

New Studio Part III:

The first two installments can be found here, New Studio Part II, and here, Changes Afoot. Links to more recent installments are below.

This was filmed this past Monday and Tuesday with intermittent rain continuing to fall and lots and lots of mud. The two time lapse segments where shot with a 1Ds Mark III, a Canon 24 TSE II lens, and Canon’s intervalometer. A frame every 48 seconds for about 6.5 hours on each day. The camera was set to Aperture Priority (f8 and be there for a very long time) in case the light shifted throughout day.

New studio series.

March 13, 2011 – moved video to Vimeo.