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Ace is the Place

As you may have surmised from the past two posts, I have been up in Maine on vacation. Long overdue, two weeks came and went, and we are already back.

We have been to the Deer Isle/Stonington area about a dozen times over the past twenty years. In a first, we finally found a house we would go back to. It’s about time! Clean, well designed, light filled, nicely proportioned, with a deck, a screened porch, and on an acre or two of its own, it was a short walk down to the water. Halfway down was a spot with two adirondack chairs and a small table. Perfect for the morning coffee and with a view across the cove to a small island. All the way down, at water’s edge, beautiful sloping granite which made a perfectly enclosed kayak launch at high tide and lots of rocks to laze about on at low tide.

We got to use our new kayaks to their fullest, discovering that when you have the option to be on the water most every day, in quietude, you really don’t have the need or the desire to do many of the lesser hikes in the area. They can’t compete with what you can find out your back door. That said, we did have a great day of hiking out on Isle au Haut and spent another day at a sentimental favorite, Flye Point, exploring Two-Tree Island and beyond during low tide.

One of the best kept secrets of the area is the wonderful crabmeat. It’s as much of a reason to go as is the lobster. Caught and packed locally, you can find it at seafood dealers, the two local groceries, and at general stores on the peninsula. A touch of mayo, some paprika, a dash of Tobasco, and you are good to go. Works for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Crabmeat from Burnt Cove Market, Stonington, ME, September 2, 2010.
Crabmeat from Burnt Cove Market, Stonington, ME, September 2, 2010.

In an odd twist, and evincing some Maine practicality, the local market is also tied to an Ace Hardware/Variety Store. It’s kind of funny and ironic to see the Ace price sticker on the container. Maybe I can use it to suggest a new item for my local Ace to stock…

My blog seems to have been down intermittently while I was away. A faulty WordPress plug-in was the culprit. My apologies to anyone who came to the site only to find a blank page. All seems to be running smoothly again.

I spent more time on video than stills this go round. Look to see a bit of both as I get to the images and the editing in the coming weeks.