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God Loves a Green Roof

Butler College, Princeton University, God courtesy of Michaelangelo
Butler College, Princeton University, God courtesy of Michelangelo

The clouds above were present when the image was shot so it’s hard not to make the leap above. This is a new project added with the new web site, Butler College at Princeton University, designed by Henry Cobb of Pei Cobb Freed & Partners.

Shot in August, Butler College incorporates many sustainability features including green roofs on more than half of the buildings. These will serve as a living experiment for professors and students as they assess its impact when compared with traditional roofing materials.

Here are more images from the project. Larger versions can be found at the new web site in the Butler College Gallery (minus Michelangelo’s input.)







  1. TS Elliott

    I love this!!! I feel so much better when I see other people that care about the earth too. The pics are sooo cool. Thank you.

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