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Burritos, Ponies, and Pretenders

Late Sunday afternoon found us shooting across 195 to Asbury Park to see the Pretenders at the Stone Pony. First stop though? Tenth Avenue Burritos in Belmar. 195 practically dumps you at their doorstep and you won’t go wrong, trust me.

Then it was on to the Stone Pony. I had never been there to see a show and I have to admit, on a certain level, it just never occurred to me – which in a way was the theme of the evening. We were seeing the Pretenders, a band that is a part of you if you grew up in the seventies or eighties, and had gotten tickets through friends by chance. But, again, I can’t say that it ever hit me to go out of my way to see them. I’m glad we did.

The concert was phenomenal and is one of those times where you’re glad you had the opportunity to see an icon in action. Chrissie sounds amazing. She oozes rock. She is rock. None of which is to downplay the band because as strong as Chrissie is, the current Pretenders lineup is that good as well.

Concert goer, the Stone Pony. Asbury Park, NJ, August 9, 2009.
Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders. The Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ. August 9, 2009.