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Well, those Lewis Library/Gehry photos keep popping up everywhere just like a game of whack-a-mole. Directly on the heels of the NY Spaces article comes the release of John Kraus’ Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III Digital Field Guide (Wiley Publishing, 07/2009.)


I wrote a brief entry about using the camera for architectural photography along with Canon’s tilt/shift and wide-angle lenses. Examples include three of my photos from the Lewis Library series. There’s also a nice give and take between myself and photographer, Tim Griffith, which succinctly gives a sense of the Canon platform versus using a digital medium-format back on a pancake-style view camera.

John did a wonderful job with the book. It’s well written and illustrated with his great photography throughout.


  1. That’s great news on your Lewis Library/Gehry pics getting exposure. They were terrific. Especially that exterior shot looking up.
    How long did you wait for the sun on that one?
    Or did you photoshop that in :)

  2. Thanks.
    No stars were moved, cloned, mimicked, or hurt in the making of the photos. That doesn’t mean I didn’t remove an ugly plant in the window or clean the windows digitally because they had yet to be washed post-construction…
    I didn’t have to wait long because most exteriors are mapped out ahead of time. I follow Lennon & McCartney’s architectural photography advice, “[I] follow the sun.”

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