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I’ve Always Been Interested in Music and… and Wildlife

Last night I was searching online, trying to determine if the string buzz on the G string of my acoustic guitar was my poor technique or a sign of something amiss, and as is often the case on the Internet I ended up somewhere unexpected – right at the door of Danny Stanley, Musician and Taxidermist.

The story is by Sun News photojournalist Randall Hill on his blog, Common Chords. The blog is just getting started, there are only four stories on it, but each is a wonderful immersion into those using music to enrich their lives and the lives of those around them.

Update: Randall has some background information on the Stanley video on his personal blog, Zero Comments.

Danny Stanley Video Background Info

Update: 7/12/11 – Randall has the joined the ranks of us freelancers.  You can find his work at