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Air Force One is Everywhere

Yesterday, Air Force One took in some of the tourists sites in New York Harbor, posing for a photo op, and sending workers scurrying out of buildings with memories of the low-flying planes on 9/11. All was okay; the mission pre-approved, but the planners were a bit too tight on the need-to-know protocol.

There is no mistaking Air Force One. Even though it’s a 747, the coloring announces itself¬†instantly. According to Wikipedia there are two Air Force Ones – with whichever one the President is on getting the “One” distinction. Neither the President nor his staff were on the one buzzing New York Harbor yesterday.

I had a run-in with Air Force One once while photographing a very utilitarian building for an architecture firm. The place was the Atlantic City International Airport and the building is used to house snow removal equipment.

SJTA Snow Removal Facility, Atlantic City International Airport Atlantic City, NJ, June, 2003.
As I started to photograph Air Force One came in for a landing on the runway just behind the building. It only touched down and then took off again. Then it touched down again, took off, circled around, and started the process over. Enough times for me to get it into some images for the client.

It turns out that the A.C. airport serves many purposes – FAA Technical Center, Air Marshal Training Center, Air National Guard and Coast Guard Air bases, Space Shuttle Emergency landing site – and on the day I was there Air Force One practice site.