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2009 Pulitzers for Photography

Both galleries well worth a look:

Damon Winter/New York Times for his Campaign Coverage (feature photography)

Patrick Farrell/Miami Herald for his coverage of the devastation in Haiti (breaking news)

I met Damon this winter while covering the funeral of Cardinal Avery Dulles at St. Patrick’s in New York. Very nice, low-key guy. I had seen his campaign photo galleries already on the Times’ site. Beautiful work. I admired his ability to show up with barely a camera bag; might have been a pouch and one or two prime lenses. My client needed more coverage than that so I was weighted¬†down with zooms, flash if needed, backup camera, etc.

Patrick Farrell’s images are full of emotion but be sure to turn up the volume and listen to his words. You will not be able to finish without sharing his pain and having a closer understanding of what the Haitian people endured.