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U2, Me2

U2 - Fordham University, Rose Hill, Campus. NY, NY, March 6, 2009.

Dawn breaks and most of the crowd has filed in. An estimated 3,000 students, faculty, and administration from Fordham University are on hand to hear U2 play live on their Rose Hill Campus in the Bronx. Some have been waiting in the cold for five hours.

In my last post I mentioned a secret assignment. I had gotten the call a couple of weeks prior. “Hold the date March 6th, can’t tell you what it is, assume it’s on a very large scale.” Given the scale, the secrecy, and the security, I assumed it had to be political or entertainment. Some googling quickly pointed toward U2. They had a new album coming out that week, were doing a five-day stint at the Letterman Show, and were giving a Good Morning America concert on Friday, March 6th, at an undisclosed location. Need I say more… It’s nice when everything comes together like that.

Bono rips into the first number.
The crowd follows Bono’s lead.
U2 at Fordham University.
Fordham University.


  1. Josh

    Nice! Now that’s a good secret assignment!

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