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You’ve Got Mail

Newfield, NJ, November 8, 2008
Newfield, NJ, November 8, 2008

I got one of those emails the other day that makes you shake your head and wonder.  It reminded me of a couple of others I’ve received over the past few years.

Here’s one from 2006 sent by a student (so claimed):


I am writing to say I attend the Rhode Island School
of Phototography and am also a amatuer [sic] photographer
like yourself. I was wondering does your teacher tell
you that your pictures are too “cliche”? I take the
same type pictures and thats [sic] what I have been getting.


Is there a Rhode Island School of Photography?  I’ve never heard of it.  Maybe it’s run out of a small office down the hill from Brown and perpetually in the shadow of the Rhode Island School of Design?  Maybe it’s a spoof from a friend? If so it’s two years later and no one has ever fessed up.
I’ll save the others for another post.


  1. Mr. Personality

    I love my little G10 camera. I carry it with me everywhere and had submitted and had accepted by {INSERT BIG STOCK AGENCY NAME}, several images I have shot with the camera. I actually prefer it over the Leica M8.
    I get the same letters from High School students. They want every answer and it comes from a cryptic email address. I ignore them now.
    What is worse, is the same type emails sent out by a one well known Los Angeles portrait shooter who is touting his latest appearance on a TV show or even worse, sending a link to subscribe to Direct TV.
    P.S. – I like the shot Jon!

  2. I’ve gotten direct interview requests from students from around the world. At first I answered a couple after it was clear they were legit. I’d type my replies and send the email. Then I saw a report one did and she had cut and pasted all my writing. I had, in essence, written the report. So now, if someone asks I say they can call me and interview me over the phone – that way they have to do the work on their end.
    Yesterday I got an odd email, could be sophisticated spam, but it basically said, “I like your fotos. Love, YOUR DEAREST FAN.” Hmmm… Could be real, could be a spoof, could be a kid just goofing around or it could be time to hide the kids pets?!

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