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Having Fun on Set

Princeton, NJ, 08/04/08
Princeton, NJ, 08/04/08

Photographing multiple executives is never easy.  You’re trying to get  good expressions from everyone, ideally in the same frame, and there may be politics or other issues lurking beneath the surface. With a single subject portrait you can pick an environment that will work for any subject and then finesse it once you see the subject’s body language.  Four subjects multiplies the issues, well, four-fold.

The above is an outtake but it’s nice to catch a moment like this where everyone relaxes, laughs and lets their guard down.  It means the subsequent images, even if they are more formal, will not be too stiff.

This image is a continuation of the Game Changers post from August 10th. Here, I’m again taking advantage of those Profoto AcuteB 600r battery-powered packs and using all three.  One with a grid spot to rake down across the stone; one right next to it with a Profoto Softlight, grid and a 1/4 cut orange gel to be the main light on the subjects; and one to camera right bouncing off of the white underside of the exterior entryway awning to add some fill.