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2008 – New Portraits 2

Some more new portraits…

From the assignment shot outside the United Nations, referenced in a recent blog entry:


From an editorial assignment:


The subjects, Trudi Schupbach and Eric Wieschaus, are married.  Both are biologists at Princeton University and both work with fruit flies.  Eric won the 1995 Nobel Prize in Physiology.  They were great subjects.

When I scouted locations I was a bit at odds with what to do.  I needed to get a photo of them together, a more formal portrait.  Their labs, as are most university research labs, are very chaotic, more so than I wanted for the portrait.  Once I saw the double microscope that was it.  I knew it was perfect to use as a prop and a metaphor for their work.  We set up in a nearby seminar room. I made a faux ringflash using three small softboxes and Trudi and Eric were game to try many different poses.