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Blogger Makes Good


It’s always great to see someone do well and break the mold at the same time.  Last week Joshua Micah Marshall, founder of, won a Polk Award for legal reporting on his coverage of the US Attorney firing scandal.  Over the years, Josh has taken his blog and grown it into a news organization. Here is a New York Times article on Josh, the award and his operation.

I photographed Josh in 2006 for the National Journal.  As is often the case with this type of editorial assignment, the location and feel of the photos would be determined once I met the subject and saw the options on hand for backgrounds.  Josh and I had discussed some ideas for the photos. We assumed the shots would be outside but the weather was not great.  Josh didn’t seem to think his apartment would have any possibilities but once I saw it I thought it was perfect. It had some interesting furniture and some nice items, like strings of lights, to put out of focus in the background. The yellow floor lamp on the bottom right made for a good counterpoint to the blue in the window and in the reflection on the tv screen behind him.  It all worked together to create an intimate portrait that told the story of a blogger who could work from anywhere.